Are you always in fight or flight like me?

When my son was younger, I took him to a special therapist to deal with his Retained Infantile Reflexes.

Basically, babies have reflexes that they typically grow out of by the age of 1.  But for some reason, some people don't completely get rid of some of the reflexes.

Recently, it was brought to my attention that Z has a retained "Fear Paralysis Reflex" which means he freezes and then gets angry to counteract the freezing when he is faced with many ordinary daily tasks.  I...

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Books to Help Your Visual-Learning 2E Kid Thrive

My son has autism.

He also has a high IQ, with slow processing speed.

He is also tall for his age.

He also has blonde hair.

He has a lot of other traits as well.

We had his IQ tested at the Gifted Development Center in Denver in 2013 when he was 6 and a half.  It was part of the many things we did to help figure out how to best guide him.  He didn't cooperate much during the testing, but they were "pulled some tricks out of their sleeve" and were able to give him a "General Ability...

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FIVE Must-Have Parenting Books for Special Needs Moms

Over the years, I have read all sorts of books, as Zane was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder at age 4, giftedness at age 7 and Autism Spectrum Disorder at age 7.

I'm constantly on the lookout for knowledge and I'm never without a an audio book (or 5) loaded onto my iPhone and a couple paperbacks by my bedside. I strive to parent Zane well, and to do that I realized I need to learn about myself and heal and grow.  

So, my recommendations for parenting books include some books...

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