Are you a natural mama of a sensitive, spirited, strong-willed kid?

You're in the right place.

Do you want support and advice that isn't "Here, just give them this medication!"?

I've tried all sorts of protocols, diets, supplements, homeopathy, detoxes, energy work, and lots of other things, and I love sharing about what I've learned that worked and what didn't.

HI!  I'm Sarah and this is my son Zane. 

I'm the single mom of a highly sensitive kid with a few other labels in the mix.  Let me tell you - I get it!  I understand what it's like to have a kid who wants to discuss astrophysics at bedtime and then has an emotional meltdown in the morning over the food touching on his plate!  Being highly sensitive myself, I can also step into his shoes and understand what it's truly like to live as an HSP.

I know how alone you feel sometimes when you see all your friends posting online and you start comparing your family.

You're actually not alone!

I've set up a FREE online community just for you.  You can be yourself and share your worries and celebrations, and I'll be there to listen and support you.

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