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My son is 12 now.  I can't remember when we officially began "unschooling".  We tried traditional school when he was a pre-schooler, and that didn't work out super well, so I've been trying to find the right fit for him ever since.  Despite the pressure from other family members and society, we have found unschooling to be a great fit.  I provide resources for him, and he chooses which ones he wants to do.  We do have a point system, where he does a certain number of minutes or pages or levels in exchange for free-time screentime minutes.  

Here are a list of the most successful and enjoyable resources that he's willingly stuck with for more than a few days. 

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Dragonbox Algebra 12+ (all the Dragonbox Apps are great!)
(for Amazon devices)

Divide By Sheep app
(for Amazon devices)
(for Apple)

Online Programs

Prodigy math

GamedAcademy - Minecraft classes

Tynker - Learn Programming

Hands-On Kits and Projects

Exploration Education - We have Advanced Physical Science, and he loves the building.  He doesn't love having to fill out the workbook.

Lego Education
Simple and Motorized Mechanisms Base Set - Lots of really cool hands-on projects

EV-3 Robot Kit - We have gotten years of use out of this one.  His latest creation is a "magic box" whose switch moves out of the way when you try to turn it off. 

Board games 




Valence - Science Card Game

Marble Runs



Vocabulary for the Gifted Student, Grade 6 - he usually detest workbooks, but somehow this series was challenging and fun enough to keep his interest

Handwriting Without Tears letters and paper - He doesn't love writing, but this paper appealed to him and he used it willingly to perfect his letter formation


Favorite books to read

The Unwanteds Series - We're actually listening to this on Audible and it's an awesome series for middle-grades level kids.

Before your kids read a book, watch a show, or a new movie, check it out on CommonSenseMedia.  It's a great site with honest reviews that hasn't let us down yet.  My son doesn't like too much violence, so we always check out media beforehand.


I'll keep adding to this resource list as we find his favorite things. 


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