Are you always in fight or flight mode?

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When my son was younger, I took him to a special therapist to deal with his Retained Infantile Reflexes.

Basically, babies have reflexes that they typically grow out of by the age of 1.  But for some reason, some people don't completely get rid of some of the reflexes.

Recently, it was brought to my attention that Z has a retained "Fear Paralysis Reflex" which means he freezes and then gets angry to counteract the freezing when he is faced with many ordinary daily tasks.  I think you could categorize it at "Pathological Demand Avoidance" which is another label for people with groups of behaviors similar to those cause by the retained Fear Paralysis Reflex.  The FPR usually goes away before birth!

I was reading more about the retained Moro Reflex, which is similar to the Fear Paralysis Reflex, but usually goes away slightly after birth.  It's the startle reflex where a baby takes a short breath in and throws their arms and legs outward when they are surprised.  Kids and adults who have the Moro Reflex retained often live in a fight or flight pattern, never really able to relax.

That really describes me and Z.  As much as I try to relax, do yoga, do qi gong, deep breathing, use magnesium spray, homeopathy, essential oils, I am still unable to shake this feeling of being unsafe and needing to remain alert all the time!

I came across an easy daily exercise to help the reflex go away.

I'm going to do it with Z every evening for 30 days starting today.   Want to join me?

Here's the Video

I'll be sharing more about the effects of the exercise in my Facebook Group. 
Come join me there!

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