Why I Stopped Taking Probiotics

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Recently, I’ve stopped taking probiotics!

Is it blasphemy? Or is there something to it?

I eat naturally fermented foods, but I don’t take supplements or give my son probiotic powders! Can you believe it?

I've been researching and trying the Nemechek protocol, by Dr. Patrick Nemechek, DO in Arizona.  He studies the autonomic nervous system, SIBO, and brain health. Here’s what he says about probiotics, and why I stopped. I’ve actually felt much better since starting his protocol  and my son’s food sensitivities are finally HEALING!

On his blog, Dr. Nemechek answered a question about why he has patients stop taking probiotics. What he says makes a lot of sense to me, and goes along with the traditional way of eating that I follow  (WAPF).

”Our body was designed through evolution to protect us from foreign and potentially dangerous organisms such as bacteria, fungi and parasites. Our skin and immune system are on constant guard for invaders and respond with a vigorous immune response should our defenses become breached. The immune system reaction to these organism releases pro-inflammatory cytokines that can add to our fatigue, joint and muscle pain, diarrhea, brain fog and fever.

Studies indicate a large proportion of the population has dysbiosis of the intestinal track with many having bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) in particular. Those with SIBO have a 10,000-100,000-fold increase in the number of bacteria within the small intestine. This massive increase of intestinal bacteria breaches the protective barrier and results in bacterial translocation otherwise known as leaky gut.

Leaky gut allows fragments of proteins, fatty molecules, sugars, viruses, protozoans and bacteria to seep into the tissue immediately surrounding the small intestine. This area around the small intestine is the home of 80% of all of our white blood cells (80% of your entire immune system). The leakage is similar to tossing kindling right into the immunological fire.

To make matters worse, doctors recommend patients swallow additional foreign bacteria. These doctors pretend like they know what these bacteria will and will not do when in fact the most experienced researchers in this field cannot accurately predict the behavior of bacterial strains within the human body. It is well known that bacteria that behave in a seemingly harmless manner in a petri dish or a laboratory mouse can act in a very harmful manner inside the human body, especially one with impaired defenses from bacterial overgrowth.

Probiotics are being sold with misleading labeling suggesting that a particular brand contains the precise species of bacteria for this or that condition when in fact no one really knows. Its misleading because the field of experts in intestinal bacteriology have no idea which species are needed. It’s mainly about recurrent sales.

Our culture is confusing to me. People are so paranoid of simple germs they are constantly wiping their hands with antiseptic gels or avoiding someone with a sneeze or a runny nose yet every morning the same person may purposefully swallow capsules full of “germs” simple because someone suggested it might be useful.

Stay away from probiotics. I have never found a situation where they are helpful, and daily hear of stories such as yours where children or adults are harmed by them.”



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