Vaccines, Autism, and the movie Vaxxed

I've been quiet about vaccines because I've been scared.

But, I can't stay quiet any more.

My son has autism and has impaired detox pathways. He hasn't been vaccinated. I'm sure that if he had been vaccinated per the CDC's recommended schedule, he would be severely disabled, non-verbal, or possibly dead. There's no question in my mind that bombarding the immune system of a tiny human who has impaired detoxification pathways with a barrage of toxins via a multi-disease vaccine can cause permanent harm to their brain and body. The CDC recommendations need to be changed and parents and doctors need to be informed. I saw the movie Vaxxed for the second time today. It is about information shared by CDC employee William Thompson shared about the CDC (Center for Disease Control) coverup. No matter what side of the vaccine debate you are on, the fact that the CDC committed fraud should be enough to get any of us concerned about the safety of vaccinations. Do you realize that TV and radio stations are funded by drug companies? You know all those drug advertisements you see during shows?  The drug companies pay MONEY to the stations to play those ads.  So you'll be seeing lots of stories about measles outbreaks on the news, but very little about the possible link between any drugs and any negative effects on our children. GO SEE THE MOVIE! It is not funded by drug companies. It is funded by concerned people who want the best for all of our children. If you live in an area where it is showing already, GO SEE IT.  The more people who see it, the more areas it will open up in around the country (and world). 

Update - the move is available on Netflix now!

Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

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