Feel a cold coming on? Try homeopathy!


A couple days ago, I started sneezing and I got this sense that I was getting sick.  The weather here in San Diego had gone from fall-like to dry and HOT overnight.

Then yesterday, after an extra stressful day, I felt a bit run down and like I was really going to get sick.  I expected that today, I'd be in bed with the illness.

I took this protocol a couple times yesterday, and I feel rested and good as new today!

Start with Oscillococcinum for any cold or flu-like symptoms.

Follow it with one of these depending on the type of symptoms you're having (take these twice a day until you feel 100% again)

Hepar Sulph 200C mixed with Sanguinaria 200C (for a sinus cold)


Bryonia 200C mixed with Aconitum 200C (for a cold with a cough)

You'll feel better in no time.  And no awful side effects! 

You can click on the names above to get these remedies at Amazon.  They are common remedies and you may also be able to find them at Whole Foods, Sprouts or your local health food store.

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