The 4 Most-Important Daily To-Dos for the Highly Sensitive Person

As an HSP, is very important for me to process and let go of all the tension and stress that I seem to absorb just from being in the world every day.
  1.  Every day I start off my day with writing three pages of stream of consciousness writing with an actual pen and paper. I got this idea from the book The Artist's Way and I really find it helping me sort out my thoughts during the day.

  2. I also make sure every evening to do a deep relaxing Qi Gong routine for 15 minutes where I’m laying down and stretching my spine and breathing deeply. It really helps me sleep deeper and be ready for the next day.

  3. I also make sure to consciously eat well and nourish myself like I would treat my 10-year-old self. I’m conscious of what oils I use and how much processed sugar I'm eating and where the animals that I'm eating come from and how they were treated.

  4. I also make sure that throughout the day when I feel stressed or overwhelmed, I tap. Anytime I have big, intense feelings (which is often!), I tap. Tapping for me is tapping on some meridian points and focusing on the big feeling that I’m having.
By doing this, I’m intentionally not storing it in my body and letting it go. I actually imagine it being absorbed out of my body processing itself and flowing out of me in a beam of bright light in the corner of the room. I know how important it is to make sure we feel the feelings we have but also not to store them in our bodies.
Stored emotions end up being illnesses. So many of us we were taught not to be as intense and emotional as we were. Were taught to hold it all in and now we may have a health crisis or have chronic fatigue or have some other chronic illness. 
So whenever we have a big emotion it is very very important to concentrate on the feeling, but also be OK with letting it go and processing it in a different way than holding it inside for later or never. Here’s a quick video on how I tap in the heat of the moment when I'm feeling big feelings.



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