Hi, I'm Sarah.  Nice to meet you!

I'm Sarah and I live in San Diego, CA with my sensitive, spirited 11 year old son and my 16-year-old terrier Milo.

I research and find outside-the-box alternative health and diet solutions for my son, myself and other families. I've done this ever since I can remember. My son and I are healing with homeopathy and real food and I love sharing what we're using and how we're doing it.

Random fact about me: I write with my left hand but do most everything else right-handed.

I'm awesome at seeing solutions to problems that others may not notice. I know just what to search for to find answers quickly and guide you on your way to a better life.

My vision: everyone on the planet is eating plants and animals raised on the foods they were meant to thrive on.  That we recover our health as a species, while nurturing the soil and air that sustains us all.  There is no more obesity, malnourishment, or behavior problems related to poor diet or toxins. We eat authentic food and use truly safe, nurturing products on and in our bodies, homes, and land.

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