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Looking for answers to DIY or a guide to get your through the process of going non-toxic or eating healthier?

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Feeling overwhelmed?

If you're dealing with issues relating to:

  • making sense of your kids' new autism, or PDA diagnosis
  • discovering you're a Highly Sensitive Person
  • dealing with a possible tongue tie or airway issues
  • figuring out which practitioners to see for that
  • switching to a real food gluten-free diet
  • detoxing your home and lifestyle
  • or unschooling your child

I can help you!

You have a place in my free Holistic Mamas of Sensitive Kids Facebook Group.  

I've supported and guided lots of moms just like you, getting rid of the overwhelm and making it all feel easy again.

You're here for a reason and you know you need support now. 

Hi!  I'm Sarah and this is my son. 

I'm the solo mom of this wonderful, highly sensitive, gifted teen with PDA.  Let me tell you - I get it!  I understand what it's like to have a kid who wants to discuss astrophysics at bedtime and then has an emotional meltdown in the morning over the food touching on his plate!  Being highly sensitive myself, I can also step into his shoes and I understand what it's truly like to live as an HSP.

I know how alone you feel sometimes when you see all your friends posting online and you start comparing your family.

You're actually not alone!

I have an online free support group for moms like you.  I also mentor and guide moms like you through the tough parts of this journey (and celebrate the wins along with you!).


We can find you answers quickly!

Over the last 20-plus years, I've tried all sorts of protocols, diets, supplements, homeopathy, detoxes, energy work, and lots of other things. I figure out what works and what doesn't, so you don't have to figure it out on your own.

Check out my blog, my YouTube videos, and my Facebook group for more resources, or message me directly.

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