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Feel Like Yourself Again: The Self-Care Program for Moms...

Do you know you need to take better care of yourself, but it's bedtime by the time you actually even think of it or have the time?  This is your chance to create and put into action a simple self-care routine for free.

Taking care of yourself is important for everyone, and it's ESPECIALLY important for you since you take care of others, too.  You are only at your best when YOUR cup is full first. You know you'll be happier, healthier, and a more patient wife and mother when you take care of you first.

My new program will take you step-by-step through creating an easy daily self-care routine that you will actually look forward to doing (even with your kids around).  You'll be more patient, more well-rested, and start to see possibilities for yourself and your family that you've put on the back burner for SO long.

Your participation will also help me refine the program so it helps people like you fill up their cups and start feeling like themselves again even faster!

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Here's what you'll get:

  • Discover how to fit relaxation into you daily routine (and not feel guilty about it!)
  • The 3 must-do morning activities to set up your day for success
  • Daily email and/or text lessons (5-10 minutes long) to teach you how to feel like yourself again
  • A close community of like-minded moms
  • Invaluable group-coaching from Sarah

Who is leading this program?

Me!  I'm Sarah.  I'm an adult child of a "dysfunctional" family, recently single mama, homeschooler of a defiant autistic son, doggy mama to a 16 year old dog, and I take care of myself every day

It's taken a long, deliberate journey to get to the place where I can be calm in the midst of chaos.  I've refined what I do into a simple system and I can't wait to share it with you to help you do the same!

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