Overwhelmed by the Tongue Tie Release Process?

You're pretty sure you have a tongue tie.  You know you want to be rid of those symptoms caused by it. But, all the steps of the process are so confusing. 

Worry no more - this program that walks you through the steps is exactly what you need to get your release done well and have lasting relief from those symptoms that have bothered you for years.

Can you believe you've suffered all these years and didn't even know your tongue was tied!?


Step-by-Step Guidance

Learn what to do first, second, and third. Follow the steps to the best tongue tie release result.  Learn what types of therapists you need to see, timelines for when to see them.

Worksheets and Videos

Get easy to follow worksheets, short videos and audios to help you manage your worry and stress around the procedure and to get the best possible result.


Online support in a members-only Facebook group.  You'll get all the support you need as you go through the process from start to finish.

Here's What You'll Get

By signing up today, you'll get the complete resource for having a successful tongue tie release procedure. It holds your hand and guides you through what to do STEP BY STEP to prepare for a tongue tie release (frenectomy) and what do to after to make it successful.

In this easy-to-follow program, I'll walk you through:

  • what types of therapists you need
  • how to choose the right ones for you
  • when to schedule your appointments
  • what to eat before and after
  • how to manage your worries
  • how to naturally manage the pain and swelling of the procedure
  • how to avoid reattachment of the tongue tie


You'll be able to ask questions in the Facebook group and know you're surrounded and supported by people going through it just like you are.

You'll be supported with any questions you have or fears you face!  You won't be alone when you wonder whether that "weird" feeling is normal!

Sign up for the Holistic Tongue Tie Release Program today!

Click the button to get immediate access to the program today. You'll have me by your side guiding you through a successful tongue tie release procedure from the very beginning and supporting you after it's done.

How Does the Course Work?

When you sign up, you'll have access to the whole course to do at your pace.  You'll also have access to the members-only private Facebook group.

The modules are broken into sections with worksheets and recommendations of what part to do when to achieve the best results.

The program is delivered as worksheets, audio meditations, and videos.

You'll have lifetime access to the program and any updates made to it. 

I know how busy you are and how confusing this process can be.  This program is designed to break it down for you and make the whole process easier.


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