Want a non-toxic kitchen, but completely overwhelmed by all the options?

The simple, easy-to-read recommendations in this book are for you!

After years of experience preparing REAL FOOD for my son and myself, I share which tools I love for preparing real food meals in the easiest, least toxic way.  

As a mom of a gifted, autistic 10 year old, I have my hands full, and I know what you're going through.  I need to keep toxins out of my house and away from my son, and I also need tools that save me time in the kitchen and help me feed him real food that he'll eat.  And tools that he can use in the kitchen.

In my book, Must-Have Tools for Your Conscious Kitchen, you get specific recommendations for everything from glasses, pots & pans to garlic presses and over 25 other items.  Things that stand the test of time that will make your life easier in the kitchen so you can relax a little.


Hi!  I'm the author,
Sarah Nissen,
the Real Food Mentor!

I'm so excited to share my new book with you. Read more of my story below.

What's in the book?

Specific recommendations - which tools will help you prepare real food in the healthiest, quickest way.

You'll learn which tools work the best and which are the safest for you and your family.

You'll have peace of mind, knowing I've done the research for you.

And cooking will be easier with the right tools.

The book includes:

Cooking Tools

Pots & Pans

Cutting Boards


Slow Cookers

Pressure Cookers




Can Openers

Measuring Cups

Measuring Spoons

Food Storage Containers

Eating Tools

Drinking Glasses




& Much More

What else is in the book?

Here's a sample of the table of contents.

Also included: What garlic press won't take so long to clean?

Get the book and go straight to page 10! This, and SO much more practical, easy-to-read advice is included in the book...

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Don't go another day freaking out at dinner time because you don't have the right non-toxic tools to prep and cook real food easily!

What do other moms have to say?

"Just bought a copy of the book. It is full of great recommendations and my Amazon check out is now full of things for my kitchen."

Karen W.
New Jersey

"I bought a copy and it is perfect! Plus I learned so much. I am going to get some of the goodies you recommend! "

Maureen W.

"You really thought of everything! Your kitchen must be extremely stocked! I like how you gave a second and even third options on certain items. Also nice you've added your own personal experience. I think it's nicely done. "

Terrie B.

Who I Am & Why I Wrote This

How can I fit this into this small space?   I'm a mom of an amazing 10 year old autistic, gifted son.  I homeschool him, since I can't find a great school thats a match for his uniqueness.  I'm a highly sensitive woman. I feel a deep sense of responsibility to advocate for all living creatures, including the worms in the soil, the plants, animals, and children who can't speak for themselves. I realize the impact my actions have on the earth, others, and the future and I feel called to help others make a positive difference.

What made me write this?
When I was pregnant with my son, I was vegetarian because I didn't want to hurt animals. I thought they were all farmed in factory lots and treated terribly and I couldn't support that.

During my pregnancy, I realized my body needed animal fat and protein to help grow this tiny human inside me. So, I struggled morally.

I searched for and found meats, eggs, and milk products from responsible, compassionate farms who love and value the lives of the animals as much as I do.

I pay for what I value because I know that we really do vote with our money. I owned a retail pet store for 9 years, so I really understand supply and demand.  If people buy it, the stores will order more to fill the shelves. When we shop for our families, we really can make an impact in what the stores continue to carry.

When I was pregnant, I also started cleaning up my kitchen, learning about microwaves, plastics, the toxins in non-stick pans, aluminum foil, and more.  

Switching out the kitchen
When I was pregnant, I also became concerned about toxins in my kitchen. I switched out my pans, knives, plates, bowls, plastic straws, etc and replaced them with the best non-toxic options I could afford.  I added in tools that helped me cook the real food in the easiest ways, so I wouldn't have to be in the kitchen all day (not like I have time for that anyway!)  I wanted things that were strudy and wouldn't break, so I wouldn't have to throw them in the landfill every year. 

People are always asking me for help with this, so I wrote this book to have all the info in once place for you.

I hope you feel the love I put into it! 

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Don't spend another day overwhelmed, without the right tools.

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