It’s the holiday season and it seems like everyone is stressed!  

This time of year often brings up big feelings in me because of all the birthdays - my birthday, my dads birthday, Christmas, then my moms birthday.

My dad died on Christmas Eve five years ago. I’m going through a divorce, moving homes, and my son is defiant and super intelligent and everything is a discussion.   Things feel pretty heavy right now.

Sooo... right now is the perfect time for lots and lots of lots of self-care. 

For me, self-care is not about mani/pedis or buying myself something.  It starts first thing in the morning with my morning routine of writing, movement, and gratitude.

I notice when I’m in a slump or extra stressed, I find plenty of things to do INSTEAD of take care of myself.  I have a routine that I love, I know what I need to do, and I know I feel better, yet I still might not do it. Funny how that is!

Here are some of the things I’ve noticed I’ll prioritize instead of myself...

  • the dog needs to eat
  • the dog needs to go out
  • the dog poop needs to be picked up
  • oh look, my son is awake and he needs breakfast
  • oh look, there’s some laundry that needs washing/folding/putting away
  • hmm, I better vacuum the house now
  • oh, that email needs responding to 
  • how come there’s so much dust there?  Time to clean!

You get the idea!  I’m guessing you probably do the same thing to yourself sometimes, too, right?

At the times we need it most, like NOW during the holidays, we put ourselves last more than ever!

For me, the consequence of putting myself last is that I feel exhausted, drained, grumpy at my son, SOOO ready for bedtime and I just want to hide under the covers all day.  Whenever I  put myself last, I feel like there was nothing to look forward to and my negative self-talk goes wild.  I feel resentful and a lot like a victim of circumstances.  I certainly don’t  feel in control of my day and my future!




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